Development of intelligence and geostrategic plans and situations. Development of procedures, protocols or missions in high risk areas at the national or international level. Act under special conditions in which it can be found in the theater of interventions, operations or extremely dangerous situations.

Strategic Services

Decisive Procedures

High Security

Procedures and protocols for development are managed 

of services in areas of conflict or maximum security

Security in critical infrastructures Special units acting in defense or in the State Security Forces and Bodies Intelligence units (HUMINT / OSINT) Procedures and behavior in hostile, conflict and high risk environments Action in cases of kidnapping 

  •  Border security
  •  Maritime security 
  • Air safety


Analysis and prevention of risk 


Sanitary Emergencies 

We have trained professionals for a rapid response, interventions in situations of stress with injuries, resolution of problems of an urgent nature. Entry and protection to unsafe area, provide knowledge for the development of techniques in situations of risk. Protocols Military and Police Health Tactical Combat Casualty Care First IntervenerProtocols against Indiscriminate Attacks

Analysis and advice to companies and managers in conflict environments.

 Assessment and advice in situations of kidnapping. Counter-terrorist intelligence and organized crime analysis.

 Evaluations and audits of critical infrastructures Risk analysis.

 Intelligence analysis Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology Protocols of action and prevention in situations of terrorist attacks in large human areas